Folding and Inserting Systems

Give your communications a professional look with quality inserting systems

Our high performance mail finishing solutions offer a unique combination of productivity, flexibility and integrity.

Mail is still an important way to communicate with your customers. But, you don’t want to spend more time than you need handling paper and envelopes.

The Relay folder inserters make it simple to process mail faster and more accurately than doing it by hand, so you can focus on more important tasks. You save valuable time and money, while gaining the peace of mind that your communications are assembled accurately and mailed on time.

We offer a range of models in the Relay series, capable of folding, inserting and sealing up to 3,500 envelopes per hour, so it’s easy to find the right solution to suit your specific mailing needs.


Relay folder inserter systems

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Stuffing envelopes just got a lot easier and more accurate.


Automating your mail shouldn’t mean complicating it. Relay inserters make it easy with onscreen icons and text so setting up, selecting and processing jobs is easy enough for any employee.


Eliminate manual mistakes associated with assembling your mail. Whether you’re sending marketing offers, notices, or bills, Relay uses the latest technology to ensure customers receive the correct communication.


Reach your customers on time by finishing your mailings faster. Automating mundane tasks, like folding and inserting mail, frees your staff to focus on high value tasks rather than folding paper and stuffing envelopes.


The Relay folder-inserters gives you flexibility to do more with your mail. Handle multiple fold types, page sizes and outer envelope sizes. And, easily add marketing messages in each envelope to make the most of each communication.

Software for Increased Automation and Precision

Eliminate the need to sort your documents by page count before using your folder inserter.

The Relay folder inserters and Pitney Bowes document enrichment software work seamlessly together to optimise your document workflow. Our SaaS or on-premise software adds barcodes directly to your existing documents without extra IT efforts. The software offers additional value by correcting address data, qualifying your mail for postal discounts, enhancing formatting, and even creating and sending digital versions of your documents. You can stop sorting multiple page documents from your one-page documents. With Relay software, you can fold and insert all of your mail by simply loading it into your Relay Inserter and pressing start.


01. Upload file
Upload print file or pdf version of documents


02. Add barcodes
Relay adds barcodes and sends to printer


03. Load inserter
Load documents into inserter


04. Documents assembled
Relay inserter automatically and accurately assembles mail