Vertical Baling Presses

Made in Germany, our range of top-quality vertical baling presses/heavy-duty paper balers offers businesses a highly economical, efficient, and environmentally beneficial means of managing waste.

Baling Presses

Baling does away with the need for large areas of storage, and allows companies to not only re-use waste material, but also to benefit financially from it. We have a variety of models available, covering use cases ranging from small, manual feed batches to large-scale jobs that require more powerful balers, ideal for industry and the processing trade.

HSM baling presses can reduce the volume
of your waste by up to 95%!

That means you can save valuable space which would otherwise be taken up at your site, plus, you will benefit from the generation of a secondary and valuable raw material – baled recyclable waste! Heavier bales are more valuable and are likely to return a financial benefit back to your business when collected by Waste Management companies or Recyclers - either as a reduced cost of disposal or at best as an income stream.


The HSM V-Press compact advantages

Attractive cost/performance ratio

The HSM V-Press series combines the outstanding quality standards of HSM environmental technology with a high level of profitability. Due to both their performance and durability, they are the economic waste management solution par excellence. The HSM V-Press reduces costs of the most underestimated cost centre: waste disposal.
HSM_V-Press baling presses

Energy efficient and quiet

With the rapid motion technology developed specifically for the V-press series. the power consumption and drive power are significantly reduced and at the same time the through put rate increases. The cycle time is reduced with this technology by up to 40% compared to conventional drives. Due to special pump technology. the machines are particularly quiet.
HSM_V_Press_Energy efficient and quiet


The entire pressing cycle, beginning with closing the door, is fully automatic. A text display informs you in detail about the respective status of the process. When the pressing procedure comes to an end, the sliding door opens automatically. Extracting the bale is simple and easy, and it can be comfortably transported on a pallet.
HSM V-Press Easy to Use

High operational flexibility

With the HSM V-Press you can decide whether you prefer to press cardboard or plastic film at the touch of a button.

Extremely high level of process reliability

Thanks to the newly developed HSM TCS (TorsionControlSystem), the angle of the press ram is monitored continuously in every direction avoiding one sided overcharge. Optimising the pressing procedure and assures longer service life.High operational flexibility

The available V-Press doors

HSM V-Press 610 product image

Double door

  • To fill the press, the upper half of the doors is swung to the right
  • Self-latching closing technology
  • Automatic start of the pressing process after closing the door
HSM V-Press 825 baling press

Loading flap

  • To fill the press, the upper half of the doors is folded down
  • The filling flap can then be used as storage and therefore facilitates filling
  • Particularly suitable for filling with small-sized material
  • Automatic start of the pressing process after closing the door

Sliding door

  • To fill the press, the upper half of the doors is pushed down
  • Automatically opens after the compression process
  • Opened upper edge of the gate can be used as storage and therefore facilitates the filling
  • Automatic start of the pressing process after closing the door
  • Easily operated

Putting our experience into every detail!

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”
The combination of all detailed solutions means that each user reaps the maximum benefit.

Longevity, economic efficiency, operator friendliness and durability
these are the typical benefits of each HSM baling press.


  • Tape strapping for HSM V-Press 503, 504, 605, 610, 818, 820 and 825.
  • Wire strapping for HSM V-Press 830, 860 and 1160 standard and tape strap- ping optional – strapping can then be chosen as required.

Data display and controller

  • Modern microprocessor control with membrane keypad and graphical display.**
  • Display of the respective current status.
  • Programmes to select plastic foils or cardboard.

Convenient and secure automatic start

  • Pressing procedure starts automatically upon closing the door.
  • Upon opening the door a security switch ensures an automatic stop of the pressing procedure.

Optimized pressing

  • Massive press ram and extremely robust press plate guidance.

Integrated HSM TCS

  • (TorsionControlSystem) prevents one-sided overloads during the pressing procedure.*

*HSM V-Press 503 and HSM FP 3000 without HSM TCS
**HSM V-Press 503 with push button

Advantages of a baling press

Attractive price
performance ratio

Energy efficient

Volume reduction
up to 95%


Optimum bale weights

Perfect HGV
load utilisation