EcoPower 10

Air filtering and dust extraction for large halls

Product Characteristics

The ecopower 10 is lightweight and easy to operate. The filters can be changed quickly and efficiently. Ecopower 10 sucks polluted air from the ceiling via the filter surface on the top of the machine. Clean air filtered by a pre and main filter is then redistributed via three air grills situated at the lower part of the unit. By using this system, warm air situated under the ceiling is recirculated and the room temperature is optimised. As a result, heating costs are minimised. The modern EC-Green-Technology of the direct current ventilating fans achieve an efficiency degree beyond 90%.

max 80W
max 63dB
per device up to 3000 m³


Technical specifications


230V, 50/60 Hz

Filter performance
1,000 m³/h

Power consumption


Noise levels (dB)

63 db(A)

Casing material


Min/Max ambient temperature
-25°C to + 60°C


660 x 370 x 780 mm (D x W x H)


18 kg

Air Cleaning at its purest

The ecopower 10 is delivered with a pre filter G4 and a main filter F8 as standard. This creates a high quality of inside air according to DIN EN13779. We only use air filters tested according to DIN EN 779:2012 or DIN EN 1822 which both relate to the regulations of VDI 6022-4.3.9. Quality “Made in Germany”

Air cleaning at its purest.

Breathe healthily

Mobile dedusting and air cleaning technology from aeropur makes clean air breathing possible. Benefit from clean air in your production and warehouse spaces, your offices, laboratories, workshops or sales rooms. We spend 90% of our time indoors. Depending on our age and degree of physical activity, we inhale 10 to 0 cubic metres of air every day. This equates to a mass of 12 to 24 kilograms - much more than what we consume through food and drinking water. Clean air makes a significant contribution to our health.

aeropur stands for safe recirculation technology according to industry standards.

Warehouse Air Purifier

Healthy breathing air

Is not a matter of course

Ordinary breathing air contains a large number of particles and suspended matter that we breathe in every day and absorb through our lungs.
These include fine dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, soot and smoke. These finest particles either come from natural sources or are the result of industrial production, transport and agriculture.






Ideal Air

Healthy employees

Our air purifiers create a healthy indoor climate and are proven to reduce downtime. They also ensure that workplace limit values ​​can be easily complied with.

Optical cleanliness

Our devices prevent dust deposits on goods and products. As a result, cleaning intervals and the associated costs can be drastically reduced.

Technical cleanliness

Technical systems are protected, failures caused by dirt are avoided and maintenance cycles are extended. In particular, sensitive sensors and light barriers benefit from the filtered air.