Environmental and Waste Management

In addition to our range of solutions related specifically to e-commerce processes, we offer supplementary units that further ease pain points, and make operations as safe, efficient and sustainable as possible.

Product Overview


Material Crushers and Compressors

Made in Germany, our range of top-quality vertical baling presses/heavy-duty paper balers offers businesses a highly economical, efficient, and environmentally beneficial means of managing waste

High Capacity and Industrial Shredders

These industrial-grade shredders allow businesses to shred high volumes of paper, as well as to destroy documents in line with the most stringent of security requirements, to the point that it is impossible to recover the information once contained in the documents

Mobile dedusting & air cleaning technology

Air filter and dust extraction for large halls. This powerful machine clears the air in your workshop, production or storage area of almost 100% of unpleasant coarse and fine dust


With this cardboard perforator, you transform used cardboard into packaging material in one work step. Can be used as a mobile and flexible tabletop device