Relay 4500

Get your monthly bills out without spending all month doing it.

Product Characteristics

Increase your productivity and improve the accuracy of your mailing process with the Relay 4500 folder inserter. Designed on a tried and tested platform, the reliable Relay 4500 is able to finish up to 42,500 mail pieces per month. Features including the high-capacity envelope feeder and cascading feeding from the sheet feeders maximise efficiency by minimising time spent loading materials. Gain confidence knowing that your largest critical mailings are finished on time, every time, without errors.

The Relay 4500 folder inserter gives you simple, accurate and reliable mail assembly.

Thoughtfully designed for any user

Eliminate costly delays due to manual errors.

Keep mail process moving with fast, uninterrupted performance


Technical specifications

Up to 3,500 per hour

Monthly capacity


Fold options

C, Z, Half (single), Double

Max Feeders

2 sheet, 1 insert


440mm L x 530mm D x 365mm H

Tabletop dimensions

991mm L x 533mm D x 635mm H

Full installed dimensions

1067mm L x 533mm D x 635mm H


See the Relay folder inserter systems in action

Meet the redesigned family of low-to-mid volume Relay 2500, 3500 and 4500 folder-inserters, well crafted by Pitney Bowes. Accurately finish up to 42,500 envelopes per month at speeds up to 3,500 pieces per hour. 2D scanning simultaneously maximizes efficiency and adds a critical layer of security to ensure that the right documents are sent to the right recipient.

Output options

Optional vertical power stacker maintains print order and holds up to 500 finished envelopes. Standard drop stacker shown below.


Designed for lower volume applications requiring only a single document type to be folded and inserted.

Envelope feeder

Extremely safe: electronically controlled safety flap.

Specialised software

A user experience designed with you in mind.

Increased speed with added security

The barcode-reading technology of the Relay inserter accelerates the mailing process. Plus, it adds an extra layer of security to ensure that the right documents are sent to the right person. The advanced camera reads instructions that are contained in the barcode to automate variablepage mail. This eliminates the need to manually sort documents by page count. Your mail will be processed with superior accuracy without sacrificing speed. Pitney Bowes document enrichment software options make adding security simple. Our SaaS or on-premise software adds barcodes directly to your existing documents without the need to involve your IT department. You can take advantage of additional value by being able to correct address data, qualify your mail for postal discounts, enhance formatting and even create and send digital versions of your documents.

Upload file
Enrichment software adds barcodes to existing documents.
Print newly barcoded documents and load in the inserter.
Inserter reads barcodes and automatically sorts and inserts mail.
Right message delivered to right recipient.