Sortation Automation

For a demanding industry with the highest standards

PBSA offer state-of-the-art parcel automation solutions. Whether sorting parcels in sacks or cartons, singular or in bulk, our solution is customisable to suit any induction scenario.

Our services and customised solutions are centred around a commitment to security, and a passion for efficiency:

  • In-line scale and 3D measurement options are available for all weigh on-the-fly, dimensioning and certification needs.
  • Depending on the size, type and fragility of parcels, a variety of printing and labeling capabilities can be integrated into our solution.
  • Since throughput and material handling requirements vary widely in parcel sorting, we offer an extensive range of integrated diversion systems.

More efficient
Process parcels with greater speed and accuracy than manual sorting

Cost savings

Reduce parcel fulfilment and labour costs with parcel sorting automation

Precise data tracking

Our software provides access to the full parcel processing data stream for tracking and reporting

Mail & Parcel Sorting

Tailor made, high-speed parcel sorting systems and high speed letter processing with innovative in-line options.

Mail & Parcel Sorting

Industry tested hardware and software solutions that automate manual tasks and seamlessly integrate with virtually any backend flat file, database or web services ERP system.

Addressing the need to automate manual sorting processes, TrueSort™ automated parcel solutions sorts a robust combination of parcels, polywrap bags, magazines and flats with speed and precision. Its flexible design enables you to customise and expand your sorting solutions to meet changing business needs with minimal downtime and cost.

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