Large Shredder / Baling Combination

Our compact large shredder/paper baler combination units are designed for the professional destruction of large quantities of documents, which are then compressed into bales of between 35kg and 90kg

Large Shredder / Baling Combinations

These units provide for data security in archives, making them highly efficient and 100% compliant with the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act’s stringent data destruction regulations.

  • Complete, compact waste disposal stations.
  • Provide data security up to security level P-5.
  • Compress shredded material into easily transported and recycled bales.
  • Built for shredding large quantities.

EBA shredders reliably protect data.

When discussing data protection, people typically refer to electronically processed data. What is often forgotten: the provisions of Gdpr also apply
to personalised data in paper form.

Do you know how you can protect
your documents?

70% of all important data is still written on paper. and these papers are often simply thrown into the waste paper bin. data protection? no idea!

the following documents must be shredded when they are no longer needed:

Quotations and contractual documentation

  • Bank statements and records
  • Invoices and receipts
  • Personalised advertising documents
  • Tax and accounting documents
  • Signed documents
  • Notes, print-outs, poor copies

The Solution

Integrate document shredders into your data protection concept.
In accordance with GDPR, you must demonstrate that you work compliantly and adhere to the data protection requirements. protecting the required security level through the use of document shredders will protect you from paying significant fines, will protect your good reputation, and will ensure the trust of your customers.

All this effort for a few pieces of paper?
The vision of a “paperless office” has not yet become reality. although digitalisation simplifies many processes, it is generating more paper than ever before.

You can easily determine the level of security you require in accordance with DIN or ISO by first identi- fying a protection class and then the appropriate security level.

Sensitive and confidential data

Offers, purchase orders, order confirmations or delivery notes with address data.

Sensitive and confidential data

Internal communication, such as instructions, forms or expired notices.

Internal data

Internal communication, such as instructions, forms or expired notices.

Internal data

Internal communication, such as instructions, forms or expired notices.

Internal data

Internal communication, such as instructions, forms or expired notices.

Internal data

Internal communication, such as instructions, forms or expired notices.

HSM shredder-baler combinations: Hard data destruction

Confidential data is stored on various digital devices, but when they are disposed of, they are often sold on second-hand markets without proper deletion, leaving sensitive information vulnerable to misuse.

Avoid risk of data misuse with professional shredder-baler combinations, tailored to your data destruction needs

HSM shredder-baler combinations are complete, compact waste disposal stations. They provide for data security up to security level P-5 and compress the shredded material into bales, which can be easily transported and recycled. The HSM shredder-baler combinations are ideal for shredding large volumes, such as in archives or for professional document shredding.

Product highlights

The integrated light barrier starts the compression process during pressing. This enables a continuous, uninterrupted feed
Clean operation with no particle leakage as a result of tightly and compactly compressed bales with subsequent bale packaging (packing or strapping)
High user and operational safety
Cutting rollers made of hardened solid steel
Convenient material feed via non-slip conveyor belt
Automatic reverse eliminates paper jams

Durable, powerful, sophisticated - the benefits of the HSM industrial document shredder:

  • Specially hardened solid steel cutting rollers are hard-wearing and guarantee durability.
  • A powerful and wear-resistant motor ensures continuous operation. Material can be fed in continuously.
  • The automatic return reduces paper jams and ensures smooth operation. A high level of user safety is guaranteed by an emergency stop switch, or an emergency stop bar.
  • The integrated rollers and compact dimensions enable the equipment to be set up easily, taking up little space wherever it is needed.
  • Guarantee: we provide you with a two-year warranty on HSM Powerline machines. Made in Germany: HSM Powerline shredders are manufactured in Germany.