Material recycling

Our material recycling range includes cardboard perforators, crushers, vertical baling presses and combination units.

Material recycling

With the increased focus on the environment, and consumers increasingly supporting companies based on their “green score”, our material recycling units enable businesses to lower their carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable supply chain processes.

Our consumer habits require new solutions.

500 billion PET bottles are produced annually worldwide. For the production of 1 kg PET bottles 1.9 kg of oil is required. This piece of information alone shows that it is vital to recycle used PET bottles. More than 90 % of all PET bottles are non-returnable bottles. Since PET can be recycled 100 %, it is an important link in the material cycle, particularly in the production of fibres for textile production, foils, packing straps and even furniture. HSM has been dealing with this challenge for many years now and, using its extensive know-how in the environmental sector, has been developing tailor-made solutions for effective PET recycling.

A world without bottles made of polyethyleneterephthalate, PET for short, is no longer imaginable. New solutions for the disposal of this material are therefore necessary, since both social and political opinion expects the bottles to be fully recycled.