HSM CP 4988


Product Characteristics

HSM CP488 is a plastic bottle crusher in combination with a baler press for effective recycling of PET bottles. The crusher and baler press machine has a pressing power of 10 tons for converting 4,000 bottles every hour into compact raw bales.

The plastic and aluminum can crusher machine is controlled by an easy-to-operate membrane keyboard. The dosing shaft has integrated blades for reliably feeding material in the machine, while the scraper system removes the compressed material from the crusher rollers, reducing blockages.


Technical specifications

Crushing Material

PET, PET Beverage, Aluminium Cans, Soft Packaging

Pressing Power

11 ton

Throughput (1 Liter Bottles Per Hour)


Driving Power

8.31 HP

Bale Dimensions (L x W x H)

19.69 x 19.69 x 23.62 - 47.24 inch

Bale Weight

220 lb

Full installed dimensions

1067mm L x 533mm D x 635mm H


Crusher-Baler-Combination HSM CP 4988

This efficient PET recycling system reduces the volume of empty PET bottles by up to 90 % in one cycle and produces compact raw material bales.

Durable and robust

Crusher rollers made of specially hardened and ground steel, completely resistant to wear and very strong, for a long service life.

Sturdy design

Very low space requirement thanks to compact and sturdy design.

Automatic control

Manual, 3-fold strapping with continuous polyester strap – bale weight up to 100 kg.


Automatic photoelectric control of the pressing process - display to indicate “bale ready”.

Dosing shaft

A dosing shaft with integrated blades ensures that the plastic bottles and cans are fed reliably.

Scraper system

A scraper system removes the compressed plastic bottles and cans from the crusher rollers to prevent blockages and downtime while clearing.