JBF Universal Shredder

Designed for the shredding of hard discs, CD/DVD, video tapes, typewriter ribbon, retaining tape etc

Product Characteristics

  • Letter box slot at the hopper cover allows a secure and continuous feeding of the cutting goods.
  • Large cutting zone (380 x 500 mm) allows high output rates.
  • Knife shafts with knives that can be individually changed and resharpened.
  • Connection between shafts and knives by means of multiple keys.
  • Knives made of a long wearing knife-steel, laid out to cut metals, hardened.
  • Special machine construction with divided frame plates allows users to lift the complete knife shafts out of the machine for a quick exchange.
  • Low noise levels, thanks to the slow running cutting shafts being mounted on a sturdy, bolted machine housing.
  • Simple operation through electronic control with reverse operation and automatic re-start.
  • High throughput.
  • Machine throughput and particle size of shredded materials is defined by knife width knife diameter, knife form, and also the installed power of the machine.

Field of application, depending on the machine type:
  • CD's, computer hard drives, boards and carbon tapes
  • Paper, card boards, files completely filled
  • tin and plastic cans
  • PET bottles
  • Wood, wooden boxes, pallets
  • Domestic waste
  • Metal and plastic chips
  • Car/truck tires
  • Glass
  • Industrial Waste
  • Cables and electronic waste
  • Plastic housings


Technical specifications

Cutting Zone

350 x 350 mm

Knife width

30 / 20 mm

Motor Capacity

2.2 / 3 kW


2500 x 1400 x 2500 mm (HxWxD)


1350 kg

Throughput in m3 / h

Metal container

4 kg

Plastic container

5 kg

Mixed house waste

up to 6 kg

Wood waste

up to 4 kg

These specifications of the throughput are based on experience and depends on the type of material, the material dimensions, how the material is transported into the machine as well as the technical layout of the machine.

JBF Universal Shredder

Complete machine for the shredding of die-casting plastic waste

consisting of:
  • Lifting and tilting unit for customer container
  • Conveyor device in the machine funnel
  • Shredding machine JBF 4850, 7.5 kW
  • Conveyor belt into container
  • Central machine control with integration of all machine components
  • Machine with special control with sensors for recognition of the container type
  • Ultrasonic level control of the container
  • Additional operation panel with all buttons