HSM StoreEx HDS 230

Shred digital data carriers into tiny particles, making data recreation virtually impossible

Product characteristics

  • For shredding hard drives, magnetic tapes up to 3.5", CDs/DVDs, Blu-ray, discs, credit and loyalty cards and USB sticks.
  • Material discharge via conveyor belt, suitable for all common container dimensions.
  • High level of user convenience through a multi-functional operating and display element with automatic stop and reverse in the event of blockages.
  • Low space requirement and mobility due to castors.
  • High throughput capacity and energy-saving continuous operation with IE3 energy-efficient motors in accordance with IEC 60034 30.
  • With the double cutting unit (dual-stage), data storage media can be shredded very finely (security level H-5).

Staples and paper clips
Credit and customer cards
CDs / DVDs
USB sticks
Hard drives
Magnetic tapes


Technical specifications

Security Level

O-2 / T-3 / E-2 / H-5


400 V / 50Hz

Motor Capacity

6.2 kW


1900 X 760 X 760(HxWxD)


1260 kg

HSM StoreEx HDS 230

HSM StoreEx HDS 230 digital data media shredder

Secure, data policy compliant and economical. This digital data media shredder shreds digital data carriers into little particles and makes data recreation virtually impossible.

Product Features


Continuous energy-saving

This powerful machine provides an excellent cutting performance combined with reliable continuous operation and a low noise level.

Convenient operation

Features a membrane keypad with display.

Solid steel cutting rollers

Induction-hardened, solid steel cutting rollers are robust and ensure a long operating life.

LED display for continuous input of media

Large LED display enables the continuous input of media at a comfortable working height.

For decentralised destruction

Data media can be shredded easily in decentralised locations.

Material anti-jam function

An automatic reverse function rectifies material jams and ensures smooth shredding operations.

The key points of first-class service


  • HSM specialists provide you with individual advice on-site, even for custom solutions or specific projects. So that you get a system that is specifically tailored to meet your needs.
  • We provide advice on data protection to companies and government offices.
  • We can advise you on various financing models.
  • We regularly exchange information with you to identify potential for improvement.


  • HSM machines have a “Made in Germany” quality.
  • The machines have a one-year warranty.
  • Durability and robustness characterise HSM machines, e.g. the specially hardened, indestructible, solid-steel cutting rollers.


  • You can rely on our worldwide support, as well as on the punctual delivery of spare parts and the processing of service orders.
  • HSM service contracts, which include regular maintenance and inspections, ensure operational reliability and security.
The discharge conveyor belt makes the collection of the shredded material easy and convenient. Any standard container can be used to collect the material at the end of the conveyor belt.
An emergency off switch enables immediate shutdown should it be necessary to stop the machine immediately.
Practical storage table to put data carriers on before, or during, shredding operations.