Pressure Sealers

Introducing Welltec, a pioneer in the development and supply of postal sealing machines in Korea since 1999. With a commitment to delivering exceptional quality, a wide range of models, and customer-centric services, Welltec has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

An economical document security solution

Our postal sealing machines serve a multitude of purposes, making them ideal for billing invoices and facilitating simple mail advertisements. Whey are also widely employed in the United States and Europe for processing check mail and pay stubs efficiently.

Welltec is a highly specialised company with an extensive track record of professional expertise and cutting-edge technology. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, Welltec has captured over 70% of the global market.


Why Pressure Sealing?

Unlock efficiency and security with pressure sealers

In the modern business landscape, finding ways to optimise operational efficiency and enhance document security is crucial. Pressure sealers have emerged as a game-changing solution for businesses across various industries. These innovative machines offer a host of benefits that can revolutionise the way organisations handle their paper folding and sealing needs:

  • Streamline document processing, saving time and resources
    • Automate folding and sealing, eliminating manual labour, resulting in significant cost savings
    • Redirect resources to more critical tasks, boosting productivity
  • Provide versatility in document processing
    • Handle various document types such as invoices, statements, payroll documents, and marketing materials
    • Empower businesses to streamline workflows
    • Ensure accurate and efficient document processing
  • Enhance document security
    • Create secure, tamper-evident seals with pressure sealing technique
    • Protect integrity of contents
    • Crucial for financial institutions, healthcare organisations, and businesses with confidential information
    • Provide peace of mind and protection against unauthorised access
  • Enjoy cost savings in mailing expenses
    • Eliminate the need for envelopes
    • Reduce material and postage costs
    • Streamlined design facilitates easier handling and distribution
    • Minimise risk of misplacement or loss during transit

Major Benefits Of Using Pressures Sealing Systems

Simplified Preparation Of Mail

No need for separate folding, stuffing, sealing, and posting equipment or processes.

No Need For Buying Or Storing Custom Printed Envelopes

Pressure seal forms serve as their own envelope. Forms are available in both 11” and 14” length sizes and can be folded into V-folds, Z-folds, or C-folds depending on what is being laser printed onto the forms.

Faster Processing Of Mail

Documents can go directly from your laser printer into our IM4000 and IM9500 in-line machines without the need for you to handle the paper. And our other machines have large feed trays to minimize restocking of the documents.

Secure And Confidential

“Cohesive” edges and high pressure sealing machines provide a better seal than traditional envelopes. And because each mailing piece is self-contained, there is no chance of inserting two confidential documents into the same envelope or mismatching a document into an envelope with a different recipient address.

Improved Postal Processing

No need for window envelopes which can blur an address and cause delivery problems since addresses are usually lasered directly onto the form. And with the appropriate mailing software, you can even print intelligent mail barcodes to save on your postage costs.

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