Pharmacy Automation

Labor savings and error reduction drive our technology
Less time spent on admin = More time spent with customers

At PBSA Health, we strive to improve the lives of pharmacists and their customers with Pharmacy Automation solutions that enable the highest levels of efficiency. These solutions increase customer engagement, allowing pharmacists to give each customer personalised, high quality care and attention.

Benefits of Pharmacy Automation

  • No more expired stock
  • More contact with customers
  • Script accuracy
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Higher profits

Product overview


RoboPharma Medication HIGH SPEED Dispenser

For pharmacies dispensing patient medications in prepack boxes/blister strips/unit-of-use, the RoboPharma high density dispensing robot is like no other automated robot system.


Kirby Lester KL1

Simple, accurate device for almost any tablet & capsule counting and inventory, no calibration required.


Kirby Lester KL1Plus

Multi-purpose pharmacy counter with built-in verification and error prevention.


Your pharmacy's excellence is our goal

PBSA Health is uniquely positioned to develop customised solutions for any of your needs. Any of your pain points. Any of your dream-list projects.

PBSA Health bring together leading brands, experienced consultants and designers that can quickly analyse your business and present the right range of solutions.