Central Fulfilment

High Volume, High Efficiency, Even Higher Satisfaction

Central Fulfilment

RoboPharma is the industry leader for Central Filling automation with a unique model that focuses on speed, efficiency, and reliability. Their designs are proven to dramatically reduce dispensing errors, time and costs.

RoboPharma individualizes each system to manage every step of the process – from the moment the pharmacy submits a patient’s repeat prescription directly, to when the completed order is shipped back to the pharmacy for patient pickup. A RoboPharma central filling build-out efficiently fills hundreds to thousands of prescriptions per day at a remote location in a hub-and-spoke model.


Cost Reduction

  • FTE reduction/savings
  • Stock reduction
  • Smaller shop footprint for same dispensing volume

Quality Improvement

  • 1 error in 1m scripts
  • Uniform appearance of scripts
  • Uniform appearance of labels


  • Better data from branch to HQ
  • Management reports and tools for HQ
  • Foundation for future initiatives

Customer Satisfaction

  • Pharmacist has more time for consultations
  • Receives notification, scripts ready, less waiting
  • Possible 24/7 pick-up from RoboWall
Customised Projects Based On Proven Design
A high level view of a possible workflow within a RoboPharma custom designed central filling facility.


Example Shown

  • 4 RobotCells (Stock Keeping)
  • 2 SorterCells (Non-Stock Keeping)
  • 48 RoboLabel Stations
  • 10 Branch/Distribution Stations
  • Capacity: approx. 100,000+ prescriptions/day


Prescription Arrival

Orders come to the 'hub' pharmacy, depending on the model. Central filling model: Orders are received from ‘spoke’ retail pharmacies. Digital pharmacy model: Orders are received directly from patients via a pharmacy website or app.


Stock Entering

Stock for the Stock Keeping systems is delivered and put into the Stock Keeping RobotCells (performed overnight or early morning). Totes with picked items for the Non-Stock Keeping systems enter the pharmacy for direct processing.


Stock Keeping

Dispensing RobotCells fill scripts that only contain ‘Top 1,200 items’. With ‘Top 1,200 items’ approx. 70% of all scripts can be processed. Bulk medication is stored in the robotic dispensers. Every RobotCell can dispense 600-700 scripts/ hour with an average of 6 medication packs/script.


Non-Stock Keeping

SorterCells process scripts containing medications outside the ‘Top 1,200 items’. Stock is delivered on-demand from the wholesaler and processed per 100 scripts. Every SorterCell can process 500-600 scripts/hour with an average of 6 packs/script.


Collation & Basket Loading

Sophisticated conveyer and software network unites all baskets with completely picked and sorted medications, and transports to the RoboLabel stations.


RoboLabel Stations

Filled prescriptions are scanned, checked, labeled, bagged and sealed. RoboPharma software checks each pack against the script and prints and applies the label to each medication pack. When all items are present and verified, a final bag label is produced. Each RoboLabel station operator (production worker) averages 100 complete scripts/hour with an average of 6 packs/script.


Branch/Distribution Sorting

Completed, labeled orders are collated and sorted for transport. Central filling model: Orders are scanned and grouped for delivery to the corresponding spoke pharmacy. Digital pharmacy model: Orders are shipped directly to the patient’s residence.

Streamline any large-scale pharmacy operation with custom-designed systems

By concentrating on speed, reliability and maximising available space, RoboPharma delivers improved prescription filling efficiency, improved productivity, dramatic labor and cost reduction, and greater accuracy. We simplify the incredibly complex process of high volume, high speed and design systems that work best for your business needs.

RoboPharma automation is designed for:
  • Fully automated prescription filling
  • High volume, high speed pharmacy dispensing
  • Central filling and mail order
  • Retail and hospital pharmacy prescription processing