HaiPick System 2

HaiPick System 2 is our tandem Autonomous Case-handling Mobile Robot (ACR) and Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) goods-to-person solution that offers superior versatility and compatibility to improve warehouse operational efficiency and increase storage density.

Product Characteristics

By enabling the storage of various-sized products together in a single area rather than separately, HaiPick System 2 maximizes vertical racking space and leads to a smaller warehouse footprint and simplified inventory management.

HaiPick System 2 provides up to 5 times more storage density in existing facilities. It additionally centralizes and digitizes workflows for superior data analysis and offers 6 times operational efficiency.

System 2 significantly reduces warehouse storage footprints and increases operational efficiency and order pick accuracy with the ability to mix pick from the single system.

Product Features

  • Autonomous & Intelligent Functions: Autonomous picking, handling, navigation, charging
  • Ultra-wide Picking Range: Covers a broader storage space range
  • Fast & Stable: Stable straight move speed and high stop accuracy in travel direction
  • Multi-case Handling: Each robot can store up to multiple cases at the same time
  • Wireless Communication: Supports Wi-Fi to ensure smooth operation
  • Multiple Safety Protection: Obstacle detection, active obstacle avoidance, anti-collision alarm, and emergency stop
  • Mixed Picking: Compatible with cartons/totes, multi-size cases
  • Flexible & Customizable: Supports different customization requirements including height and color
  • The Ideal Solution: Tailored specially to meet different application scenarios to deliver the best solution



70% Improved picking efficiency

  • Capable of transporting 63 totes per hour.
  • The requirement of scanning tote codes during the picking and placing process has been eliminated.

Rapid lifting speed

  • Lifts its fork at a speed of up to 0.93 m/s.
  • 2.7s ascending and descending tote handling speed.

Flexible application

  • Can travel freely across 5 m/6 m high doors with the help of telescopic uprights.
  • Picks and stores 30kg (66.1 lbs) payloads up to 10m (32.8 feet) high.

HaiPick Versatile Load Performance System

Large/medium/small, bulk and irregular items stored together automatically

Using a combination of Hai Robotics’ advanced ACR technology, bulk items such as palletized goods, clothing racks, baskets, or Gaylord boxes are stored at ground level with containers of smaller items in totes, boxes, or trays stored above. HaiPick ACRs can deliver up to 8 totes at a time to a picking station, helping to increase multiple order fulfillment speed, while Companion Bots deliver bulk items to the same station,helping to increase mixed order fulfillment speed and operations.

Telescopic Grappling-hook ACR

Our Second-Gen A42T Automated Case-handling Mobile Robot (ACR) is the world's first telescopic ACR with a Chain-Pick system powered by a solo hook. The grappling hook's Chain-Pick system can haul up to five interlocking totes at once from racks and carry up to eight in its multi-storage tray tower.

Our Grappling-Hook ACR revolutionizes storage density with Chain-Pick technology, reducing the gap between totes by ~60% to 45mm. The Chain-Pick technology eliminates space between the front and back of totes to 0.0mm, allowing facilities to maximize storage space with 5-deep tote racks.

With a maximum picking height of 10m and Chain Pick technology, our Telescopic Grappling Hook ACR optimizes storage space by 89%.

Equipped with autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, and automatic charging capabilities, this user-friendly ACR ensures worker safety in the facility.