TrueSort parcel solution

Automated, high-speed parcel sorting

Product Characteristics

The TrueSort® is an ultra-flexible solution for parcel sorting that provides outstanding throughput rates. Plus, it provides a choice of multiple sorting technologies including the tilt tray, bomb bay, push tray, shoe sorter and others. Whatever the parcel volume or characteristics, the TrueSort is the right fit for the application.

More efficient

Cost savings

Precise data tracking


Technical specifications

Transport type
Variable speed VFD

Belt speed
1.16 m/s - 46 ips

up to 3000 pph

Mail piece size


Min 100 mm / 4.0“
Max 450 mm / 17.7“

Min 6.35 mm / .25“
Max 305 mm / 12.0“


Min 100 mm / 4.0“
Max 400 mm / 15.75“


TrueSort Parcel Sorting Solutions

Customised automated solutions for high speed parcel sorting
Addressing the need to automate manual sorting processes, the TrueSort automated parcel solution sorts a robust combination of parcels with speed and precision. Its flexible design enables you to customise and expand your sorting solutions to meet changing business needs with minimal downtime and cost.

Reduce labor costs

Traditional parcel processing often relies on manual workflows that are inefficient and prone to errors. In fact, this has become a substantial contributor to the bottom-line cost for many couriers and retail distributors. Moreover, ongoing staffing challenges continue to impact capacity at processing facilities.

Improve operational efficiency

One of the biggest challenges in automating the handling of small parcels is how to divert them from the sortation line quickly, efficiently, and consistently without adding time and cost to the process.

Save on shipping rates

Take advantage of powerful SortEngine 360 software platform. Provides a standard interface to your environment. Proven applications designed to fit automation to your operation. Streamline preparation, sort scheme management, and manifest generation to match either carrier diversification or USPS parcel processing strategies.

Keep your operation up and running

Designed for ease of operation and maintenance. Backed by BlueCrest BlueShirt expert service and technical support