CMC SmartMailer

Bringing automation to mailing, offering savings in packaging volume

Product Characteristics

No matter how small, retailers need to deliver all manner of products to customers’ doors, in the most sustainable way possible. Many of these products do not require the capacity or robustness of a box. The CMC SmartMailer is an innovative automated mailing solution suitable for e-fulfilment, built upon CMC's 40 years of mailing and inserting experience. CMC SmartMailer reduces cost for customers given envelopes are letterbox-friendly, unlike boxes. This means retailers can store and ship envelopes for a lower price, and no assembly is required. Thanks to its mono-material nature, no adhesive strip is required, making CMC SmartMailer envelopes fully recyclable.

CMC SmartMailer can accommodate a range of envelopes:

  • Paperboard envelopes: Lightweight hard envelopes that offer protection and abrasion resistance during shipment
  • Corrugated envelopes: Made from strong corrugated material that resists bending
  • Paper-based padded envelopes: 100% paper-based bubble mailers offering extra cushioning

CMC SmartMailer can print on the fly your logo, branding and messaging on each envelope.


Technical specifications


min. 280mm – max. 380mm


min. 200mm – max. 260mm (flap not included)


min. 2mm (with rigid product) – max. 25mm (not compressed)

Max. mechanical speed

2.500 e/h (speed can be achieved using a maximum label size of 100x150mm


CMC SmartMailer

The CMC SmartMailer is a compact, continuous motion inserter enabling customers to package a wide range of products – from CDs and books to small parts for electronics– in rigid mailers or paper-based padded envelopes. The beauty of envelopes is their versatility, accommodating a wide range of SKUs. The machine can use rotary, shuttle or hand feeders, depending on the product.