The new eco-friendly, fully automated, high-volume auto-bagging machine

Product Characteristics

Sustainability has never been more important for consumers. Research shows 74% of consumers are willing to pay more for products delivered in sustainable packaging, while reducing the impact of last mile emissions is vitally important. First impressions count. When forming perceptions of a brand, 30% of consumers buying online are influenced by the packaging their order arrives in, according to recent market research. For high value items, like luxury apparel, the package is the start of the user experience they associate with premium store environments. Apparel items require safe and robust packaging to arrive in perfect condition. However, extra cushioning, splitting items and separate packaging for returns create unnecessary waste and cost.

  • Optimal packaging for an omnichannel strategy
  • Increased fulfilment speeds compared to human operations of 120/130 bags per hour
  • Can be integrated to any WMS
  • No adjustments required on the fly
  • Easy passthrough adjustment for different paper reel widths
  • Labor savings through all-in automation for scanning, wrapping, address labelling and sorting


Technical specifications

Maximum mechanical speed
3600 bags/ hour

Minimum bag size

250 x 180 x 5mm

Maximum bag size



The CMC Paper-PRO has been developed specifically with retailers of apparel and fashion in mind. The machine delivers sustainable yet strong packaging, suitable for deliveries as well as returns. The ability to add a resealable strip to the packaging gives consumers confidence in returning items sustainably. The retailer receives its goods back in a strong package, allowing the items to be re-inducted into inventory quickly.