Glue-folder Self Mailer

JWR Increased operational performance meets cost effectiveness

Product Characteristics

Our self-mailer systems provide compact and affordable folder/gluer solutions that produce multiple self-mailer impositions. These complete folder/gluer machines use, durable and world leading FOLDERS and Glue system combinations. We apply the best folder and glue system to fulfil any demanding application. Our folders include air/vacuum feed, pile and continuous feed folder options, combined with the easy to use and maintain GMS Microglue or Baummer HHS control and glue head systems. This complete system is affordable and also uses much less floor space than other self-mailer solutions. One of the unique features being offered is the capability to create “Z” and Double Parallel self-mailers in just one pass complete with glue on three sides and perforations on two ends parallel to each other. When used as a spot glue system, the Glue-Folder self mailer machine replaces tabbing and pressure seal machines as a means of sealing third-class mail to make self mailers or direct mailers. When the gluing system is not activated it not only produces snap pack mailers, self mailers and direct mailers, the Glue-Folder self mailer machine can also be used as a two-plate paper folding machine or as a letter folding machine. In this mode, it folds at a greater speed.

  • Running at speeds of up to 36 000 self mailer sheets per hour
  • Microprocessor to program and control machine operation from one panel
  • Cycling Speed of up to 36 000 per hour depending on folder and glue solution combination
  • Double sheet and jam detectors
  • Self-contained pressurised cold glue system
  • Secure, accurate processing
  • Completely portable- no need for house air
  • Capable of C-Fold, V-Fold, Z-Fold and Double Parallel folds.


Technical specifications

Type folder

Air/ Vacuum feed, bottom feed

Maximum sheet size parallel

35.5 x 50.8 cm

Maximum sheet size right angle

34.2 x 35.5 cm

Feeder pile height

5.1 cm

Fold roll diameter

3.8 cm

Fold roll material


Operating voltage

110 VAC - 60 Hz or 220/1/50 Hz


GMS HP Series Glue Head

This valve allow the applicator to be purged of glue and cleaned with fresh water in a matter of seconds thanks to the HP’s electric purge switch located directly on the gun.

GMS Controller

The Microglue® 428 is the simplest and easiest to use 4-channel pattern controller available on the market today. Each channel is capable of being programmed for two separate events each - a line, dot or stitch pattern.

Maintenance Free Sealed Ball Bearings

There is no need to spend valuable time lubricating the bearings on the 714XLT. The use of sealed ball bearings eliminates lubrication and provides long-lasting drive train life.

GMS HP Series Glue Head

The HP’s shutter mechanism automatically opens and closes whenever the machine starts and stops. This design dramatically reduces the need for wiping or cleaning the nozzle orifice between uses.