The next generation of high speed mailing

Product Characteristics

The CMC JWR represents the latest innovation in high speed mailing by increasing mailroom efficiency, adding personalization and increasing production. The ability to make the envelope in-line to the insertion process is the next generation of mail finishing. Envelopes are wrapped around contents from a web that is glue sealed and separated into individual mailpieces with a unique high speed rotary cutter.

The CMC JWR continues its evolution by integrating the latest developments in digital color printing to create a truly unique system allowing mailers to leverage transpromotional capabilities to convert envelopes into cost-effective, personalized marketing tools that increase response rates.

  • Cut Sheet and Continuous Feed input options to produce up to 60,000 documents per hour.
  • Available with a variety of output options, including simple conveyor, automatic stacker for bundling and on-edge envelope stacker.
  • PC_ADD Line Controller offers database management, advanced matching, selectivity and printing support, mailpiece and event logging.
  • Heavy Duty construction guarantees long lasting performance even in the most demanding environments.
  • The JWR enables allows for production of mail faster with more full color personalization than previously possible. All this is possible while optimizing for postal discounts by producing mixed mail runs and avoiding the need to stock envelopes.


Technical specifications

Formats Minimum

80 x 100 mm

Format Maximum

250 x 330 mm

Max Package Thickness

20 mm

Envelope GSM

70 to 250 gsm

Maximum Mechanical Speed

JWR 20K: 20,000 pieces per hour

20,000pz/hour (DL, C6/C5)   16,000pz/hour(C4)

JWR 30K: 30,000 pieces per hour

30,000pz/hour(DL, C67C5)   16,000ps/hour(C4)


Product Features


Insert feeder

Industry proven insert feeders featuring suction cups, single gripper and rotary drum. Hopper height allows easy loading with high insert stack. Minimum thickness: sheet 70gr/sqm, Maximum thickness: 8mm

Insert bulk loader

Roll-up unit can be moved to different feeders to greatly increase the productivity of the JWR by automatically loading the hopper for continued feed.

Disk attachment

Rotary feeder with disk attachment. Used for bound or folded piece where the orientation requires feeding from the open edge adjacent to the folded/bound edge.

Envelope reel unwinder

High capacity envelope unwinder for pre-printed or "white paper" digitally printed in-line.

Wrapping around

Envelope is formed by creating folds and wrapping paper around contents.


Longitudinal perforator to add a perf line for easy envelope opening.

Envelope knives

After being wrapped, the envelope is glue sealed and separated into individual mailpieces with a unique high speed double rotary cutter.