Rival inserting system

An easy-to-use, compact, multi-format inserter for low-volume mailers, or mailers needing extra capacity on higher speed systems.

Product Characteristics

The Rival inserting system is a modular, scalable platform ideal for both low-volume mailers and mailers that need extra capacity on higher speed systems. A high-integrity inserter at a lower price point, the Rival allows businesses to increase letter and flats processing needs during peak periods without sacrificing accuracy, efficiency or cost.

The Rival is perfect for mailers on a budget, or who have monthly peaks or excess capacity. High-volume mailers can also benefit by using the Rival as a complementary system for shorter jobs. Built on the superior Mailstream inserting platform, the Rival provides proven technology at an affordable price, smaller footprint, plus the flexibility and modularity to grow along with your business. 

Robust and reliable

Low cost for high growth

Ease of operation


Technical specifications

Mailpiece size

Letters and flats


6¾" to 13"


4" to 10"

Document length

Cut 7" to 14"

Continuous 3⅔" to 14"

Document width

7” to 12”

Fold types

C, Z, half, double, no fold

Integrity scanning

OMR, barcode, 2D, OCR



Up to 10,000 envelopes per hour

Up to 12,000 envelopes per hour (optional)


Up to 9,000 envelopes per hour


Automate transactional mail inserting with the Rival Mail Inserting System

The Rival Inserting machine is for transactional mail, processing both letters and flats on a single platform, has automated job set up, and accurately and reliably tracks every piece.

The Rival is the number one selling transnational mail inserting system in the industry, with over 1500 installations and processing over 12 billion pieces of mail annually worldwide. Make a smart, cost effective investment for your mailing operation with this innovating production platform integrated with our Direct Connect software. Experience superior flexibility and achieve higher job volumes.

High performance meets world-class accuracy

  • Consistently meet SLAs with high productivity throughput.
  • Maximize production for variable page statements.
  • Accurate assembly of mailpiece contents ensures reliable mail security.
  • Manage your operation with comprehensive productivity reporting.

Flexibility enables you to do more and do it better

  • Increase production capacity and expand services with letter and flats processing on a single platform.
  • Process broad range of insert and envelopes styles.
  • Process all standard folds (C, Z, half, double and no fold)
  • Ensure accurate mailpiece assembly with integrity scanning (OMR, Barcode, 2D and OCR)

Simplicity is automated.

With the simplified setup feature, the Rival inserting system enables you to spend less time on setup while achieving consistent, accurate results. The automated fold capability lets fold settings to be saved for each job.

Big cost-efficiencies in a small package

  • Continuous loading, high capacity feeders and stackers maximize uptime.
  • Reduce operator downtime with open paper path access.
  • The intelligent material control helps prevent stoppages, downtime and manual reconciliation.