Mailstream Productivity Series

Designed for high-volume jobs with short SLAs. Ideal for mailers who run low-page count letter work.

Product Characteristics

Transform your print and mail operation with a high integrity, high speed inserting solution that drives increased operational performance, productivity and cost savings. 

The Mailstream Productivity Series delivers an unparalleled combination of productivity, integrity and flexibility allowing high volume mailers to benefit from greater operational performance, increased mail effectiveness and reduced costs. This industry proven solution incorporates advanced technology and extraordinary innovation to reliably process a broad range of mail applications at high speed with increased efficiency. With the Mailstream Productivity Series system, your business will be positioned to deliver bottom line results and grow revenue.

  • Maximize SLA performance with complex mail processing at speeds up to 26,000 pieces per hour
  • Reliably produce secure, accurate client communications with no degradation in productivity
  • Get more value in a single flexible platform to easily manage a broad range of jobs and drive growth in your business
  • Implement a White Paper Factory™ environment to lower costs and enhance client experience
  • Achieve greater processing uptime with flexible world-class service support options


Technical specifications 

Max cycle speed

C6/5, DL, #7 3/4, #10

26,000 CPH


22,000 CPH


Feeder types

Friction or rotary

Number of feeders




Cut sheet/ continuous form single, multi-stream


Non-stop high productivity results

  • Dependable SLA attainment for letter mail processing with two speed options to meet your specific business requirements – 22K or 26K mailpieces/hour
  • Eliminate productivity degradations processing variable page, complex applications
  • Boost workcell efficiencies with compact, ergonomic, high efficiency design

Secure, accurate processing

  • Ensure compliance and deliver high integrity results with real-time, integrated end to end tracking capabilities
  • Achieve dependable results, higher yield and maximize system utilization with precision performance motion control platform
  • Mailpiece and job reconciliation reporting, traceability, automated reprints

Business building flexibility

  • Complex, high speed mail processing to include multi-stream and matching applications
  • Easily accept and process more jobs on a single system while eliminating print orientation challenges.
  • Improve mail effectiveness and increase client engagement with 100% variable, relevant messaging

Expert service you can rely on

  • Maximize uptime with flexible service and support options
  • World class service expertise
  • 24/7 support