Evolution Inserting Solution

Handle simple to complex applications easily and accurately.

Product Characteristics

The Evolution inserting system combines the proven technology from our high-speed inserting systems with the reliability and accuracy that you have come to expect from BlueCrest. The Evolution is a multi-format inserter ideal for both mid- and high-volume mailers who run high page count jobs, short-run jobs, or need extra capacity during peak times, without sacrificing accuracy or integrity.The Evolution inserting system is configurable to meet the needs of the mailer, and offers a range of input, feeder and output options. Its scalable platform allows you to buy what you need today and add on capabilities as your requirements or evolve. The Evolution features our latest inserting automation that makes set-up and job changeovers repeatable and accurate, reducing operator and mechanical intervention, eliminating downtime between jobs. The ergonomic configuration of the system provides the operator a smart, efficient workcell, with an increased mail piece per square foot, allowing mailers to achieve higher SLA attainment.The Evolution is powered by BlueCrest's Direct Connect operating system making it easier for operators and technicians to leverage existing skill sets, lowering the learning curve and adding to its ease of use.


Technical specifications

Cycle speed

Trifold: up to 12,000 CPH
Half fold: up to 10,000 CPH
Flats: up to 8,000 CPH **option

Enclosure feeders

Friction, rotary; scanning & (batch feeding optional)

Number of feeders

3 to 18

Max Feeders

1 sheet, 1 insert

Document format

Cut sheet, continuous form, single, dual

Integrity scanning

OMR, Barcode, 2D, OCR


A detailed walk-through of the Evolution Inserting System

The Evolution is a mid-range inserter featuring today's leading technology and automated side-guides making job change over quick and easy. The Evolution can process mail up to 12,000 pieces per hour, and can manage tri-fold, half-fold and flat jobs.


Configurable to meet your application requirements and handle multi-format applications with confidence.


Simple, easy-to-use system that reduces labor hours and cost while increasing production capacity as needed.


File-based processing helps to achieve 100% mail piece integrity and higher net good mail pieces per hour.