DI4080/4100 Inserting System

The inserter that’s built around you.

Product Characteristics

The DI4080/4100 is designed specifically to meet the strict compliance challenges of transaction mail markets. The modular design can accommodate up to four feeders, all supporting scanning, to process even the most complex application.The DI4080/4100 simplifies the most demanding job.The DI4080/4100 is the world's first multi format production inserter. Two insert tables allow DL or C5 format envelopes and optional C4 pocket envelopes to be processed at the same time with the documents being directed to the most appropriate envelope automatically.The DI4080/4100 has three insertion modes: DL or C5 format, C4 pocket format or mixed. The mixed format mode avoids the need to manually pre-sort documents or manipulate the print run to reflect the envelope size. The DI4080/4100 simply directs the accumulated set to the appropriate inserting area.In markets where postage charges are based on size, the DI4080/4100 ensures the smallest format envelope is used, minimising the cost.


Technical specifications


2 sheet feeders and 2 insert feeders


Up to 10,000 envelopes/hour
2,500 C4 envelopes/hour (optional)

Programmed jobs

Insertion capability
up to 8mm in C4 envelopes

230 volts, 14A max

Noise level
76 dBA


Typical uses for a DI4080 / 4100

  • Credit Card statements
  • Utility bills
  • Insurance statements
  • Central or local government invoices and statements
  • Processing re-prints from high volume mail runs
  • As an additional up system to handle larger volume runs once or twice a month

Who could benefit from a DI4080 / 4100?

  • Banks
  • Utility Companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Direct mail / document service bureaus
  • Insurance Companies
  • Central and local government departments
Short and direct transport from fold to insertion

Built in dual hard drive server with network connections. Integrated auto diagnostic capability

17 inch screen with user friendly interface and easy to understand visual prompts

Dynamic folder speed control depending on the number of pages to be folded

Two A4 sheet feeders with A3 capability. Use any feeder as the control feeder. Two insert feeders