CMC 400Evolution

The CMC 400Evolution is designed for environments that demand mail piece quality controls, high production volumes and low operating costs, but also need to run both flats and letters at high speeds. 

Product Characteristics

CMC400Evolution inserter is built to last, is easily maintained and can be productive in the most challenging environments.

Designed for 24/7 operation, this heavy-duty inserter easily handles a wide range of products, such as light buck slips, inserts, booklets, brochures, plastic cards and pre-folded letters with attached cards.

This operator-friendly inserter uses simple and easy-to-use setup enhancements, such as toolless adjustments throughout the system, allowing quick format and size changes by the operator. Complete job changeovers can be accomplished within minutes. Reduced complexity for operators means less downtime and higher productivity.

The machine can be interfaced with any CMC Input Channel. CMC Input channels provide document processing from either cut sheet of continuous form input for high volume applications. Options are available to handle a wide range of applications, from low to high page counts, folding, stitching, 1UP, 2UP continuous form and DS (Dynamic Sequencer). All input channels are constructed to match the same 24/7 operation, high reliability, high efficiency and low maintenance of the base system to which they are connected.


Technical specifications

Minimum Envelope Format

100 (L) x 185 (W) mm

Maximum Envelope Format

330 (W) x 235 (L) mm

Maximum Collation Thickness

10 mm

Maximum Mechanical Speed

  • 25.000 pc/h (DL)
  • 15.000 pc/h (C6/C5)
  • 12.000 pc/h (C4)

Product Features


Duplex PrintingControl

CMC special system to read the Code on the front and back of the document to check printing consistency of the statement and detect any printing mismatch.

Insert Feeder

lnsert feeder featuring suction cups, double grippe and CMC rotary drum Feeders can be r . paired such that if the primary feeder runs low on material, the second feeder can begin feeding the same material Minimum thickness . : sheet 70gsm Maximum thickness 8mm

Disk Attachment

Used for bound paper or folded inserts where the orientation requires feeding from the open edge adjacent to the folded/bound edge.

Bulk Loader

Roll-up unit can be moved to different feeders to greatly increase the productivity of the CMC 400 evolution by automatically loading the hopper for continuous feeding

lnk Jet Addressing

Vacuum belt for ink-jet addressing. CMC control system guarantees consistency and matching with the mail content.

Reading Systems

lntegrated reading capabilities to read and check the sequence of barcodes. lt guarantees secure throughput and correct fulfillment. CMC PC ADD can manage any readable code.

Envelope Autoloader

With a loading capacity of more than 1.500 envelopes, the envelope autoloader reduces time and frequency for envelope re-loading and enables efficient operation of machine.