Certified Remanufactured

Experience the same functionality and performance of new equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Product Characteristics

BlueCrest’s Certified Remanufactured inserting systems are pre-owned, or a hybrid of both new and refurbished components, at a lower price point. They have the same innovative features, leverage the latest technology, and meet the same quality standards as new systems. Whether you’re a high-volume mailer, or small- to medium-sized business, our Certified Remanufactured solutions offer the ability to meet your transactional or direct mail needs for less.

When considering upgrading your production mail operation, you can experience the same functionality and performance with our pre-owned or hybrid BlueCrest inserting systems. Ideal for any budget, these solutions can be configured to meet your needs. They offer the latest system features and meet the same stringent quality standards that you’ve come to expect from BlueCrest.

Our process is exacting to insure outstanding quality, no matter what option you may choose. For example, Certified Refurbished offers the same features as a newly manufactured system and is compatible with other BlueCrest solutions, enabling future upgrades.  No matter what solution you choose, the same level of product warranty, support and installation is available with these solutions.

Dependable and reliable




Ideal for any budget - and configured to meet your needs - BlueCrest refurbished inserting systems

Our certified refurbished inserting systems deliver the same functionality and performance of a new system. Make the move to high-speed inserting today! We offer new, refurbished, and "as-is" systems.

How the remanufacturing process works


All system modules are inspected. The system may be completely disassembled in order to assess the condition.


Numerous parts of the product are cleaned, restored, repaired or simply replaced.


Control computers are replaced with current hardware and updated with the current version of applicable software.


Motion control electronics are updated to match current new manufacture specs.


Components facing future obsolescence are replaced with ones with longer life cycles.


Once the remanufacturing process is complete, the system will go through the same level of End of the Line testing as a new system to ensure it is ready for full production.


The system is configured to order and functionally tested utilising customer bulk samples (if available or specified).