BAUM 714XLT Ultrafold

The perfect companion to other BAUM 714 models.

Product Characteristics

The Baum 714 “Flow-Thru” Tabletop Folder 2nd Station, right angle unit is the perfect companion to your Baum 714XLT and other Baum 714 models. It can be configured for either right-angle folding or in tandem for multiple parallel folds. An innovative pivoting idler roll design eliminates gap setting requirements. Easy-access slitter shafts allow changing attachments without removing the shafts. The 714XLT Ultrafold 2nd Station features more effective stack removal for higher productivity, new positive drive cross-carrier design, and “up & down” folding position capability.

  • Can operate as a right angle or in tandem for more parallel folds
  • Up and down fold plates for more impositions
  • Positive drive timing belt cross-carrier roller design
  • Toner resistant and static dissipative polyurethane folding rollers
  • Sealed ball bearings, no lubrication needed
  • Gear-driven folding rollers, no slippage during folding
  • Automatic roller tensioning
  • Adapts to BAUM 714XLT Ultrafold and previous model BAUM 714 folders


Technical specifications

Maximum sheet size
14.0 wide x 14.0 in long (35.56 x 35.56 cm)

Minimum sheet size
3 wide x 5 in long (7.62 x 12.7cm)

110/1/60 or 220/1/50

*Includes fixed height cart as standard equipment

BAUM-FFW Feeder Folder Wrapper Solution

This Century Series Solution combines a Feeder, Folder and Wrapper and card inserter. This application starts out with a 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper. The paper (stock) is being folded twice. Then is feed onto a conveyor that passes under an inserted. The inserted places a card in the same slot with the folded paper. This card can be advertising, etc... Then the two pieces go into the flow wrapper and are packaged together. This is a great way to get your advertising combined and ready to package. Or if you are printing packing slips, it allows you to add your advertising and have it ready to place inside the box.

Typical jobs

Example: fold a 11 x 17 size printed sheet in half in the 714XLT Air feed first station folder down to 8 1⁄2 x 11.

Typical jobs

By using the 714XLT 8-page folder connected at a 90 degree right angle you could fold this 8 1⁄2 x 11 folded piece down to 8 1⁄2 x 5 1⁄2 making it suitable to be mailed as a self-mailer.

Typical jobs

Folded piece in thirds down to 8 1⁄2 x 3 2⁄3 for inserting into #10 envelop

Typical jobs

The 714XLT 8-page can also be connected in tandem with the 714XLT Air Feed Folder to give you the ability to do up to two additional parallel folds