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Gollmann’s pharmacy robot steals the SAPHEX show

Gollmann’s strengths lie in its precision work and wide-ranging expertise in engineering and technology.

Gollmann pharmacy robot showcased at SAPHEX 2022: A leading player in the automation industry, Gollmann’s operations focus on the economic automation of storage and dispensation of small products with high complexity, quantity and variety.

PBSA is honoured to have been part of this year’s SAPHEX exhibition, where we proudly showcased Gollmann’s award-winning pharmacy automation technology with an interactive display of the system that has taken the pharmaceutical industry by storm.

PBSA’s Health Automation division welcomed and networked with the pharmaceutical industry’s top players at SAPHEX this month, showcasing the Gollmann solution as the new generation of pharmacy robots, capable of increasing efficiency and giving businesses a better ROI than ever before.

Known as the “Go-to Pharma Event in South Africa”, SAPHEX unites the forever-growing pharma manufacturing industry in South Africa and SADC under one roof across two days. This year, the annual conference was joined by over 2 000 attendees, 100 exhibitors, and 30 speakers – bringing together all the region’s key pharmaceutical players.

Powerful healthcare automation

PBSA Health has teamed up with Gollmann to bring European automation technology to pharmacies of all sizes in Southern Africa.  

This year, SAPHEX allowed us to showcase one of Gollmann’s latest products, the revolutionary compact and flexible automated dispensing system for pharmacies. Thanks to its patented automated roll-fronted compactor system, the Gollmann can accommodate more packs per metre of body length than ever before. To date, the Gollmann system has seen in excess of 2 500 installations, in 25 different countries across three continents.

The robot is designed to fit each individual customer’s pharmacy, so Gollmann custom builds its system to available height, width and length specifications. Gollmann aims to optimise profitability by keeping the cost of conversion low, and return on investment quick – while fully optimising space in the pharmacy.  

The Gollmann story

Founded by Daniel Gollmann in 2006, Gollmann epitomises unequalled success of German engineering: a backyard start-up that became a medium-sized company with 70 employees within three years. Today more than 300 experts are working for Gollmann at the production sites in Halle/Germany.

Gollmann combines high-end engineering with classic storage systems, producing fully automated dispensing systems for pharmacies and industries that save time, money, and space.

The company’s pharmacy automation solutions are fast becoming the de facto standard, thanks to their compelling advantages:

  1. Storage principle: The space-saving roll-fronted cabinet storage features a “roaming” gap, allowing for the storage of thousands of packages per meter of the machine’s entire casing length.
  2. Flexibility in spatial planning: Length, height and width can all be adjusted.
  3. All-aluminium construction: Area loads of well below 350 kg/m2 are possible.
  4. Easy to operate, easy to load: Every package has its place, and packages are never stored one behind the other, making things simpler, protecting the packages and reducing energy consumption.
  5. Made-to-measure automation: Gollmann offers one of the most flexible automation systems on the market. Expanding your capacity is simple, without any costs upfront.
  6. Fresh design: Integration is everything. The Gollmann system fits in with your pharmacy and its processes to produce a holistic concept. A customised, perfectly adapted system ensures that your investment yields success.
  7. Quality: Gollmann’s “Made in Germany” quality mark guarantees you get the latest in automation systems technology fully designed, manufactured and assembled in Germany.
  8. Focus: Gollmann’s focus is on pharmacies, with 98% of customers being owner-managed pharmacies or their branches.

Passion for patients

Today, patient care is at the heart of all Gollmann’s solutions.

At a time when health means more to your customers than ever before, Gollmann’s automation solutions help pharmacists focus on the pillars of patient care: personalisation, expectations, time and effort, and empathy.

Gollmann’s automatic storage and retrieval systems literally turn hours into minutes, freeing up pharmacists to spend time and energy on the people they’re passionate about serving.

Gone are the days of the pharmacy existing as a cold, functional bridge between health and chemical sciences. Today, pharmacies have time to care.

PBSA is the exclusive distributor for Gollmann in South Africa. With over 100 years of inherited local service and support, PBSA also brings an extensive and established sales and marketing team to the table – making the partnership between Gollmann and PBSA a stunning success.


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