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With a rich history of innovation dating back over 90 years, pbsa (formerly Pitney Bowes SA) is a leading customer communications company, offering software, equipment and services to help companies improve operational efficiencies and connect with their customers in more meaningful ways.

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mail production & parcel automation solutions

pbproduction caters from medium enterprises to big business and offers mail, plastic and carton packaging, digital printing, paper handling and on sorting solutions.

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digital signatures, application forms and document management

Simply authenticate yourself to access documents sent to you for electronic signing or your approval. It is free, easy to use and legally binding.

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pboffice is the biggest supplier of mailing equipment in South Africa

The division’s comprehensive portfolio ranges from basic office equipment like shredders and laminators, to more specialised office solutions like folding and inserting machines and pressure sealers.

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business continuity, guaranteed

pbservice has been offering both routine and specialised services across market sectors for over 15 years.

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professional building renovations

pbartisan offers a range of professional services – including general household and office renovations, repair and maintenance, and electrical and plumbing work – all executed by a highly skilled team of trustworthy technicians.

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