EZ-Flats sorting solutions

Leverage greater postal discounts

Product Characteristics

The EZ-Flats™ sorting systems provide a simple way to handle complex postal rules while getting the maximum postal discount when sorting flats and small parcels. The EZ-Flats and EZ-Flats Pro systems are ideal for anyone who processes more than 200 flats or small parcels per day

Save time

Increase savings

Simplify set-up


Technical specifications


Business flats and small parcels (EZ-Flats Pro)

Payment types
Permit mail, multi-ounce permit and PC postage

Mail dimensions
Minimum: Length 9", height 4", width 0.20", weight 0.33oz
Maximum: Length 15", height 15", width 2", weight 2.2lb

In-line features
Weighing, labeling

Up to 2,000 pieces per hour

Min 8, Max 40

Handwritten addresses, UMove, Intelligent Mail, OCR


The EZ-Flats™ Pro system quickly and easily processes and automatically sorts parcels and flats

The system scans, weighs and sorts mail pieces by destination – and applies postage, including discounts, with a USPS compliant label. All data is captured and archived - providing a precise record for tracking and billing. The EZ-Flats Pro solution provides an intuitive way to simplify complex postal rules and leverage USPS discounts for low cost of entry. By expediting your deliveries to the USPS, you’ll be able to benefit from USPS discounts that would’ve been absorbed by third-party shippers.

In-line labelling

The in-line labeler applies postage labels as flats or parcels pass across the conveyor, eliminating the need for manual application.

Generate USPS documentation with ease

Simply and accurately create manifest mailings and routing reports that summarise piece-counts and package destinations.

Achieve higher mail-piece integrity

By using automation, our systems minimise mistakes caused by human-error. They ensure mail-piece integrity through territory designation assignments.

Enjoy simple modular set up and an intuitive graphical interface

Both systems are modular and easily configurable to your space and workload requirements. On average, first time operators are up to speed and running EZ-Flats and EZ-Flats Pro in as little as 15 minutes.