Sliding cabinet system

Automated roll-fronted compactor system, Compared to conventional shelving our automated roll-fronted compactor system offers many times more storage space. The highest possible storage volume in the smallest footprint is our goal.

Our solutions for pharmacy: the GO.compact and GO.start, along with the solutions for small-sized package handling in industry and commerce, developed from this goal. The combination of the automated roll-fronted compactors and the most modern hybrid gripper technology – a combination of suction and grasping – ensures that the packages are easily stored and dispensed again.

That is efficient.


The GO.compact is the compact and flexible automated dispensing system for  pharmacy. Thanks to the patented automated roll-fronted compactor system it accommodates more packs per meter of body length.

The system has to fit to your pharmacy and not the pharmacy to the system. Therefore, we build the GO.compact in customer specific heights, widths and lengths. The goal is the best solution for you. At the same time we keep the cost of conversion in the pharmacy as low as possible to achieve a quick return on the investment.

The results speak for themselves!

The offers another solution to your space problems!

The automated dispensing system can be built around on three sides – for example, it can be installed directly behind the medicine display wall. The dispensing of the stored products takes place directly on the automated system, as well as at any location in the room using optional conveyor technology. The back of the automated system can be used for working or storage areas. The can therefore be installed at any location in your pharmacy.
Just as with all models of the GO.compact series, the comes with various widths, lengths and heights and can be adapted to your space situation, which saves adaptation and conversion costs.
Of course the also uses the well-proven, space-saving roll-fronted cabinet principle.

That’s flexibility!


Service and Operation

service & operation

Only a reliable dispensing system adds value for you. The software used to operate the GO.compact shows only what you are really interested in. The daily routine tasks such as incoming goods and checking returns is done in a few steps. The same applies to the monitoring of expiration dates, inventory checks, product tracking, etc.

In the background, our Customer Service team in Australia monitor the system to ensure that it operates smoothly.

Our success factors are: Proactive regular maintenance, daily verification of system parameters, the use of industrial components of the highest quality and highly trained service staff.

industrial & commercial

Small-sized products are in high diversity in many areas. Automating with the GO.compact provides significant cost reduction in the handling of these products. Permanent inventory and stock checking, reliable access control, integration into your processes and adaptable conveyor technology, IT infrastructure and products – the benefits of automation with the GO.compact are obvious!

How and what exactly your individual system stores and dispenses, we can discuss best personally.

Manual side loading module

The manual side loading module is placed anywhere on the side of the system.  Therefore niche solutions for spatially difficult locations are possible.

Automated Loading

With the automated loading module the system is loaded in minutes. Tip in the packages – start the process – done. The system loads independently and even identifies the expiry dates if they are printed in a data matrix code. Your GO.compact can also be retrofitted with the automated loading module.


Using conveyor technology the requested package arrives safely to the chosen dispensing point. We work with you to find the optimal transport route. Upon request, all conveyors can be completely covered and even painted in your chosen color. It looks better and reduces transport noise.

Output technology

The dispensing points are the visible parts of the system to your customers. We customize them to your liking in transparent plastic or painted metal. Also available as an automated double or triple dispensing point or on the side of the system.

Double gripper

For maximum performance the GO.compact can be fitted with a second gripper. This increases the performance in storing and dispensing. The double gripper can also be retrofitted in selective housing sizes

Refrigerated Storage

The GO.compact can also safely store and dispense products requiring refrigeration. The Temperature Logger is used to ensure that the regelation is not interrupted.

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