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Best in class back-up power.

pbEnergy | AMPD Silo™

Years of research and development went into creating the Ampd Silo. Its unique features lead the field and comprise one of the world’s most advanced and dependable energy storage solutions across home, commercial and industrial applications.

Ampd Silo Bridges the gap between industrial UPS and backup generators. Instantaneous, clean and long lasting power at your fingertips.

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AMPD Silo™
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Why is the Ampd Silo better than any other solution?

Ampd Silo Bridges the gap between industrial UPS and backup generators. Instantaneous, clean and long lasting power at your fingertips.


Smart business means staying switched on

Give your company the competitive edge. Mission critical business means being prepared with continuous, reliable and uninterrupted backup power.

We looked at the challenges facing businesses: overloaded grids and frequent blackouts, reliance on polluting and noisy diesel generators or toxic, space-wasting lead acid batteries. We thought long and hard. Then we rolled up our sleeves and created Ampd Silo.

Ampd Silo is built around your business and gives you more room to do business, stacked with up to 1,800 automotive grade lithium-ion batteries and state-of-the-art energy storage technologies. Compact. Completely silent. Cost effective.

And maintenance free


Evolution in Energy Storage

Ampd Energy is pushing the boundaries to bring energy storage into the 21st Century. By using Li-ion as our storage medium, the Ampd Silo has many benefits when compared to existing technologies.

With a high energy density, the Ampd Silo requires less space per kilowatt, resulting in up to an 80% reduction in floorspace. It can also operate at higher temperatures, allowing for savings in cooling and enabling novel applications, not previously possible.

The battery management system takes 280 readings per second, providing unrivalled protection for each core component. This allows for a longer battery lifetime, zero maintenance and lower total cost of ownership.


Enjoy better protection and superior benefits, with lower costs. Comparisons have shown that over the 10-year lifespan of an UPS system, the Ampd Silo will cost you up to 40% less than VRLA UPSs.

These huge savings are achieved through the two major benefits Li-ion has over VRLA. Li-ion has much longer lifespan. Over a ten-year period, you would expect to replace your VRLA batteries 3-4 times depending on usage. Over this same period, you might need to replace your Li-ion batteries once.

In addition, VRLA requires constant maintenance. With the Ampd Silo, all maintenance is performed by software updates, negating the need for maintenance, which can have huge cost savings if you have many batteries or if they’re in remote locations.

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